Lived experience is a vital part of effective public awareness, advocacy and organisational practice.

Our work is focused on practical and productive advocacy, accessibility and inclusion for people with disability in Australia. 

Drawing on Uli and Crew’s lived experience, we approach people, issues and projects in a dynamic, pragmatic and responsive way. We value collaboration, authenticity and respect. 

If you have a project, idea or need you think Uli and Crew might bring a valuable presence to, then let’s connect.



We consult in areas of need with lived experience-driven feedback, advice on policy and procedures, and support for frontline disability workers on best practice to help you ensure you’re meeting the needs of your most important stakeholders – people with disability.

Systemic and organisational advocacy

We’ve been advocating hard in the disability space for more than five years now, and we’ve had some big wins. Using practical tools and strategies, we connect service users, facilitate conversations, and bridge gaps between service users and organisational leadership.

User experience insights and testing

We can facilitate user experience testing and feedback on outward facing collateral, including such as product specs, media releases, websites and digital hubs to ensure it uses accessible and relatable language, and be understood by people with disability.

Expert advisory and lived experience

There’s no better experience than lived experience, and when it comes to disability, Uli and Crew have plenty. Gain valuable insider perspective on life with disability from those in the know to ensure you’re informed and able to deliver best practice.


Public speaking and presentations

Give the man a mic! Uli is an experienced public and keynote speaker. Drawing on his compelling life story, experiences, values and personal wins, Uli creates connection, cuts through the bullshit and tells it like it is – all while remaining charming and likeable.

Media and communications

Our experience in this space includes communicating a lived experience of disability perspective with clarity, supporting the development of communications to internal and external stakeholders, and informing approaches to media for a variety of campaigns.

Supported decision making

We can help you improve your supported decision making practice. By working with frontline leaders and staff, we embed a sound understanding of supported decision making and co-design in processes and procedures, to ensure the rights of people with disability are being upheld.

Education and training

Looking to step it up? Uli and Crew can facilitate or arrange disability, advocacy, accessibility and inclusiveness awareness, education, workshops and training for organisations and teams that want or need to do better in the disability accessibility and inclusion space.

Presentations and facilitation

We can present to staff and service users on current issues and hot topics for the sector, then facilitate connection between organisational leadership, frontline teams and service users to increase awareness and understanding – and lead to better outcomes for all.



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