In 2021 Life is a Battlefield, a documentary about my life, went to air on national television.

I made Life is a Battlefield over the course of five years. In it I share my story as a young person living with disability, and my experience of standing up for myself and successfully challenging and revoking a financial administration order. 

I made it to give people an insight into what living with a disability and chronic health issue is like, and to challenge the stereotypes and narratives that exist about my community.

I’ll be honest folks, that was then, and this was now – I can’t watch it without cringing! But it’s raw and honest, and it’s a salute to where I’ve been. I’m proud of what it’s achieved in the bigger conversation we’re having about the rights of people with disability. 

It led to several interesting things for me personally, including another legal battle to be able to share my story publicly (I won), my growing interest in advocacy for disability rights, and my current fight against the Victorian Government’s ‘gag law’ that enables abuse by silencing people with disability.

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